The impact of Google’s SGE (now AI Overviews) & What To do About it [With AI Overviews Traffic Risk Assessment Sheet]

I’ve created an SGE / AI Overviews traffic risk assessment checklist to help you identify the potential risk for your own top customer journey queries:

  • Verify the SGE inclusion for major traffic and conversion driver terms you target, representative of different intents
  • Identify the traffic erosion risk to prioritize action depending on SGE type, inclusion and query fulfillment
  • Take a look at the already SGE featured pages and analyze their characteristics vs yours to identify opportunities

SGE Impact Assessment Sheet

Access the sheet and copy it here.

The assessment takes into account the different type of SGE / AI Overviews snapshots explained in this post: duplicative, summarizing or complementary and accelerator, and the level of user satisfaction and fulfillment in their journey.

SGE Snapshots Traffic Risk Levels

Here’s a video explaining these different types of snapshots and how to use the sheet accordingly:

You can also find the SGE impact presentation I’ve given at Search Day Oslo about this topic, with an explanation of the sheet here:

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