Remembering a big year #thankyou2012 #welcome2013

Aleyda Solis: SEO Personality in Europe 2012

2012 has been a year full of adventures and experiences at a professional and personal level. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to share, enjoy, help, learn from among others, the following moments:

I finished a professional phase

In which I had the opportunity to contribute:

And also learn and laugh a lot with colleagues from a totally different culture but who were as geek as I was:

To start a new challenge

I became a member of the only church I could be:

The #SearchChurch with SEER Interactive 🙂 Where I’m part of a great team with excellent professionals and people with multiple skills, beyond SEO:

I spoke at national and international professional events

As MozCon:

Or BrightonSEO:

Or SMX London:

Or Congreso Web:

Where I’ve had the opportunity to meet amazing professionals and great people.

I wrote for specialized publications

As .Net Magazine:

I organized with great colleagues a free local event in Madrid

Let’s go for more SEO+You:

I visited new places and got to know more cultures

I went to Moscow:

To Montenegro:

To Brighton:

To Filadelfia:

To Seattle:

I came back to important places for me

To Salamanca, the town where I lived, studied, worked for 4 years, where I started to do SEO and fell in love. It’s easy to understand the magic of Salamanca when you see the main entrance of the university:

And its main square, the most beautiful in the world:

Or its Cathedral:

That leave you without words.

And went to my country

To be with the people I love the most:

Besides family and friends, I enjoyed of the amazing beaches of the Nicaraguan Pacific coast:

Where I lived multiple emotions:

And tasted its amazing flavors:

I shared with friends

In different moments, as my birthday:

Or celebrations:

I got their support when I needed it:

Thank you guys 🙂

I learned new things

To use new tools:

Or communicate in new languages:

I exercised more

Swimming proved to be amazing to get fresh ideas too:

And lived beautiful personal moments

With Javier:

And Doki Bulldog:

Enjoying of good music

I went to the Coldplay concert in Madrid:

or new gadgets

and amazing views

Like in Switzerland:

I supported principles that I believe in

Going and enjoying the celebrations of the Gay pride parada in Madrid:

and celebrated the success of the teams I support

Amazing Barça:

Amazing Spain:

2012 also left me lessons

And a great end of the year

That without your support wouldn’t have been possible, winning as SEO personality in Europe 2012:

Especially the great SEO community in Spain, the Madrid Geek Girls, my co-workers at SEER Interactive, my twitter followers and friends.

Thank you for 2012 and welcome 2013

This year I want to help more in those initiatives that I believe in, contribute to the success of more clients and develop some projects in stand-by, visit and learn from new places and situations, exercise more to stay healthy, share more with the ones I love, … among others.

And if bad moments come? I have the solution here:

Let’s go 🙂 #Thankyou2012, #Welcome2013.

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