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7 Key SEO Activities That Can Now Be Automated

In the last years we have seen a boom around SEO tools. Although it’s tough to keep track of them all, it’s important to identify which tasks they help to automate and make our SEOs life more efficient. In this Search Engine Land post I share 7 Key SEO tools that can now be automated […]

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How to easily create an SEO Dashboard using DashThis

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how to create an SEO dashboard in Google Docs by using the MozScape API and the Google Analytics integration with Apps Script in order to have the most important data regarding the organic search performance and link popularity of a site in a single place, that we could […]

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Making the Entrepreneur Leap: Becoming an SEO Consultant with Orainti & Co-Founder of Tribalytics

After working for more than 7 years as an SEO Specialist first, then Manager, to Head of Digital Strategy, both at the agency and in-house side, having also the amazing chance to build a personal brand by speaking at more than 25 online marketing conferences in 8 countries since 2012 (among them, SEOktoberfest with highly successful industry […]

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5 Must-Dos to Develop Successful Internationally targeted Websites

Although I’ve written before about the potential of reaching an International audience, shared a guide about how to start doing it (with some tools and considerations to take) if your international presence it’s not correctly implemented it can also represent not only a lost opportunity, but a negative investment and a bad experience that might end up […]

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