AMP Optimization for Success: SEO Steps, Tips & Tools

In the last year I’ve had the opportunity to help a few clients across from different industries to validate and optimize their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) implementation from an SEO perspective, which I’ve had the chance to share in a few search marketing events, before like BrightonSEO, Pubcon Las Vegas, SMX East, and SearchCamp (which is an updated version of the previous ones).

In these presentations I focused going through the different criteria to take into consideration when assessing to implement AMP (site speed issues that can’t be improved, Google’s carrousel inclusion) as well as highlighted on do’s and dont’s to avoid SEO related issues:

Last February I also had the opportunity to speak at the AMPConf in Amsterdam, where I addressed the most common challenges during the development process to effectively optimize AMP for search by following different optimization stages by:

  • Assessing the AMP usage vs. your own speed needs, capacity and expectations
  • Validating your AMP implementation before and after launch prioritizing critical issues
  • Monitoring your AMP visibility impact to prioritize your efforts along the process

Check this out in the slides:

As well as the video of my session:

Barry Adams did a very complete coverage from the AMPConf highlighting also the most important announcements as well as other presentations, as well as the potential search related impact.

Here’s a list of some of the resources I shared in the presentation, as well as additional ones to help along the AMP optimization process:

AMP Specification & Documentation

AMP Validation

AMP Monitoring