Configure SEO Traffic Reports with Google Analytics – Step by Step Guide

During the last months I have used Google Analytics almost only with its new version, although with some bugs (as the inconsistency of the report data vs. the data that is exported in CSV) or the basic functionalities that haven’t been migrated yet (such as the PDF reports export), the truth is that its new interface is more intuitive and makes me monitor the SEO traffic and conversions more easily.

A personalized report that I have found very useful (despite the impact of "not provided") is one that shows SEO traffic and conversions per landing pages, for which you can also obtain the keywords that have attracted that SEO traffic and conversions and verify if the keywords and landing pages that you are working with for your SEO process are having the effectiveness you are looking for.

SEO Report Configuration

This report can be configured as it is shown in the following image:

Google Analytics - Informe SEO Personalizado

1. Metric Groups

You have to select the metrics or indicators you want to obtain, in this case they will be those that will allow to identify the behaviour and goal achievement of the SEO traffic: visits, bounce rate, pages per visit, completed conversions and conversion rate.

2. Dimensions

Afterwards you will need to choose the dimensions for the metrics you have previously selected, in this case these will be the landing pages and keywords through which you obtain this traffic.

3. Filters

You apply a filter to only include organic traffic in the report.

SEO Report Information

When you save this configuration you will obtain the following report that will show the most important KPIs about your site organic traffic, such as the amount of visits, the bounce rate, completed conversions and conversion rate per landing pages:

Informe SEO Personalizado por Landing Page - Google Analytics

Here we have part of the information we are looking for. With this report we can answer questions such as:

  • What landing pages attract more SEO traffic?
  • What landing pages have a higher bounce rate for SEO traffic?
  • What landing pages generate more pageviews for SEO traffic?
  • What landing pages generate a higher number of conversions?
  • What landing pages have a higher conversion rate?

Moreover, you can select (in the red marked option of the previous image) an additional dimension, the keywords, so you can obtain the following report with the keywords that have attracted organic traffic for each landing page:

Informe de paginas de Entrada y Palabras Clave SEO - Google Analytics

With this information we can go further and answer questions such as:

  • What keywords are attracting more SEO traffic? To which landing pages? Are you working with these keywords in your SEO process? Are you optimizing them for the landing pages that are already attracting traffic with them?
  • What keywords that you are not already including in your SEO process are attracting the highest amount of SEO traffic? To which landing pages? Are they generating conversions? What is their conversion rate?
  • What keywords are generating more conversions from SEO traffic? In which landing pages?
  • What combination of keywords and landing pages have the highest conversion rate? And the worst?

Likewise, when you click in any of the landing pages of the report you will obtain information about the keywords that generate SEO visits and conversions specifically for each one of them:

Trafico SEO y Conversiones por Pagina de Entrada - Google Analytics

This will allow us to answer similar questions as the previous ones but specifically for each landing page and identify what are the keywords that generate more (and less) traffic, conversions, bounce rate, obtaining valuable information to optimize it and detect opportunities, for example, to create new content and offers according to what generates more interest and conversions from users, compare the information with the same period of time of the year before and identify possible changes of trends, etc.

I hope this personalized report is as useful for you as it has been for me in my SEO day-to-day 🙂 What SEO reports have you configured with this tool?

Update – Report shared in Google Analytics

You can obtain the personalized SEO report in Google Analytics through the following link: Courtesy of Miguel. Thank you!

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