The Keywords Research Tools Matrix V3: A Functionality Comparison

Last Updated on December 18 2016

Version 3: Keyword Research Tools segmented by Search Volume, International, Mobile, Difficulty, Search Features Support

In this new version (v3) of the keywords research tools matrix I’ve included the search result features support, along the already existing keyword difficulty, mobile & international support, additionally segmented by those including search volume data or metric and the tools price point; as well as the new SEOmonitor Topic Explorer tool (a list with a link of all the tools can be found at the end of the post).

Keywords Tools

Version 2: Keyword Research Tools segmented by Search Volume, International, Mobile, Difficulty Support

A few days I ago I created and shared (in Twitter & my Facebook page) a keywords matrix comparing the main functionalities and metrics of keywords research tools in the market to help people to better select additional tools, especially in the light of the recent Google’s Keyword Planner changes.

Before posting I waited to have additional input for a second version, and many of you sent me your feedback with more keywords tools and other metrics that you wanted me to include… so based on all this, here you have a more polished 2nd version of the Keywords Tools Matrix with more tools and also showing if there’s a keyword difficulty metric included:

Keywords Research Tools ComparisonCheck the High-Res Version 2 Here

The tools listed in the matrix are:

I hope this is far more useful to help you select the best keyword research tool alternative 🙂 Is there any other tool that you would like me to add or additional metrics to easily include? Just let me know!