Link Building Campaigns in a SEO Process: The Infographic

Link building campaigns are among the most complex and sensitive activities in a SEO process.

This is because the links you need to create are almost never under your direct control and even if they are, there are some characteristics they should fulfill in order to transmit the required relevancy and popularity signals specifically necessary for your SEO process and in the other hand, don’t give wrong manipulation signals that can get you penalized.

This is why in a Link Building campaign you have to take into consideration:

Link Characteristics

If you’re looking to rank moderately competitive keywords you will need a certain amount of links with specific characteristics: Including keywords as anchor text, linking to internal pages of your site that are relevant and you want to rank, links from authority sites of your own sector, etc.

Link Types

Quantity of quality? Usually you will need both, but depending on your present rankings, competition and already created links you will need more or less links to give specific quality or popularity signals for specific keywords.

Continuos Control

Who has linked to you? Is the link there after some time? Does the link have the expected characteristics? This gets complex because of the link volume and diversity of sources to control, so it is fundamental that you support the link building process with tools.

Guidelines compliance

Besides the previous factors, you should also make sure to avoid giving link manipulation signals that could get you penalized because going against Google link schemes guidelines.

Link Building Campaings: The Infographic

Although link building campaigns have specific characteristics and require personalized analysis I have developed an infographic as a support for the process, including different aspects to take into consideration, such as link assessment factors, quality vs. quantity strategy selection criteria and tools to help the analysis and management activities.

You can also download it as a PDF: The Link Building Campaign in an SEO Process

Inserting it directly on your site with a 800px * 1660px dimension:

Or with a 600px * 1245px dimension:

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