8 Useful SEO tools that are probably under your radar and you should try

Beyond the most popular -paid or free- SEO tools that are used in the different stages of the SEO process there are others that because they have been recently launched or are included into a paid suite are less known, but offer valuable information.

The following are 8 SEO tools aren’t so popular as others but provide great functionality and are really useful to extend or complement the information of other better known tools:

Keyword Research

1. KeywordSpy

Keyword Spy - SEO Tool

Similar to SEMrush it’s very useful to complement the information from Google Keyword Tool, specially (as happens with SEMrush) to perform keyword researches in other languages than English.

Start using it: http://www.keywordspy.com/

On Page Analysis

2. Schema Creator

Schema Creator

Generate personalized microdata for your site content and information using the schema specification. You only have to choose the type of information to specify by filling a form and copy the code in your site.

Start using it: http://schema-creator.org/

3. SEOmoz SEO Toolbar

SEOmoz Toolbar

The SEO toolbar of SEOmoz offers highly valuable information in its free version with similar and more functionality than the SEObook toolbar, with extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Get the most important SEO information about the content and code of any website, the authority of the page and domain, direct access to the cache, the IP number, internal and external links, HTTP Status, canonical tag, color the nofollow links, disable Javascript, images or select to browse as the Gooblebot, obtain the domain and page authority in the search engine result pages, etc. As you can see you have a swiss army knife to perform an on page and competition analysis completely free.

Start using it: http://www.seomoz.org/seo-toolbar

Link Building Campaigns

4. Linkdex

Linkdex Linkbuilding Tool

Among the most useful functionalities of Linkdex are a report of your links vs. your competition indicating which are shared with them, their level of popularity, anchor text relevancy and graphics with the volume and type of links that complement the information you can obtain with Open Site Explorer.

Start using it: http://www.linkdex.com/

5. ahrefs

Ahrefs Link Tool

Complement Majestic SEO information with incoming links report and graphics, linking pages, IPs, type of domains, type of links plus an analysis of keyword rankings per domain.

Start using it: https://ahrefs.com/

6. Linkstant

Linkstant Link Tool

Linkstant informs you about your incoming links. It uses a code you need to include on your site and it generates a list with the URLs that are linking to your site. Plus Linkstant can send you email and SMS alerts new links.

Start using it: http://www.linkstant.com/

Tracking and Analysis

7. Cyfe

Web Dashboard -  Cyfe

If you want a dashboard with the most important indicators of your online presence Cyfe is the answer. You can easily import information from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, SEOmoz, Twitter, Facebook, Freshbooks, Zendesk, Pingdom, Amazon Web Services and other applications. Cyfe offers a similar functionality to Ducksboard or Geckoboard but you can set a free account without any type of payment information.

Start using it: http://www.cyfe.com/

8. GAConfig

Raven Google Analytics Configuration Tool

Get easily and for free the Google Analytics code to configure a domain with multiple subdomains, multiple domains with a subdomain, site search tracking, 404 pages tracking, events, goals and URL tagging for campaigns.

Start using it: http://gaconfig.com/

What other useful and free SEO tools do you know that are not so popular?

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