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The Keywords Research Tools Matrix V3: A Functionality Comparison


Last Updated on December 18 2016 Version 3: Keyword Research Tools segmented by Search Volume, International, Mobile, Difficulty, Search Features Support In this new version (v3) of the keywords research tools matrix I’ve included the search result features support, along the already existing keyword difficulty, mobile & international support, additionally segmented by those including search volume data or metric […]

The HTTP to HTTPs Migration Checklist in Google Docs to Share, Copy & Download

HTTP Web Migration Checklist

Since Google informed a couple of years ago that they were going to start using HTTPS as a ranking signal sites started to migrate not only for security reasons (although this should be really the main criteria) but also to look for this additional ranking boost (coincidentally a few days ago people were asking about this as more […]

3 Mobile Search Keywords Questions (& How to Answer Them) to Grow your Mobile SEO Results

Mobile Keyword Research

On May 3rd, 2016 I’ll have the opportunity to present at Pubcon Austin about how to take your keyword research to the next level to better identify your search audience behavior in today’s multi-device world, – where there are more searches in Google coming from mobile devices than from desktop ones – and target your mobile […]

7 fundamental technical SEO questions to answer with a log analysis (and how to easily do it)

Actionable Log Analysis for SEO

Log analysis has evolved to become a fundamental part of technical SEO audits. Server logs allow us to understand how search engine crawlers interact with our website, and analysis of your server logs can lead to actionable SEO insights you might not have gleaned otherwise. In this Search Engine Land post I share how you can easily analyze your logs and […]

Growing with Mobile Queries and “Micro-Moments” Near You

Mobile Search Trend vs. Desktop

With multi-device search it should be now a priority to specifically identify the search behavior of our audience at a more granular level, segmenting per device type, allowing us to not only establish opportunities to connect with them, but also by using the identified specific needs to inform and improve our device specific offering, functionality and experience […]