Mobile SEO Presentation – Guidelines to Create and Optimize your Mobile Site

Last weekend I had the chance to speak about mobile SEO at  Congreso Web in Zaragoza, a really nicely organized online marketing congress with a high level of content and great speakers.

I have taken this opportunity to translate and publish the slides of my presentation that was originally in Spanish to English -plus, also update it a bit to make it more relevant to international readers-, since I think mobile SEO is a very important area that is increasingly needing more attention thanks to the impressive growth in the use of mobile devices to search and consume Web information.

As you will see in the slides, I focused on those specific aspects of a mobile SEO process, so instead of talking about how to optimize the content or build links -which are activities that are also shared with a traditional SEO process- I talked specifically about:

  • The importance of mobile search and its potential
  • The criteria to take into consideration when deciding to enable a mobile version to make it a cost-effective investment
  • The type of mobile site to develop in dependence of the users characteristics, site offer and sector
  • Aspects that are specifically important to optimize a mobile site: content geolocalization, site speed, usability, linking with desktop version, redirections, etc.
  • The recent and growing importance of Apps search and their optimization

Here you can take a look at the presentation:


I hope it is useful and if you have any doubt, of course I’m here to answer 🙂

This post is also available in: Spanish